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Prostate Massage & Prostate Orgasm. Have you ever wondered what a Prostate Massage is? Sensual massage with prostate stimulation. Some men find that prostate stimulation provides sexual pleasure and additional sensory pleasures. The prostrate is situated about 2-3 inches inside the anal canal.  It is a very important part of men’s natural sexual cycle as it is the source for sexual hormones that create sex drive.  


Most men often overlook prostate massage as part of a healthy massage therapy As men reach the age of 50 or older, they can be afflicted by prostasis, an inflammation of the prostate, as it starts to slow down due to reduced sexual activity.  Today more and more men suffer from prostate problems which can manifest as an inability to urinate or to have to get up several times a night causing more stress as sleep is affected  and can lead to prostate cancer which seems to become more and more common.That is why I would recommend most men to have have a regular prostate massage which may be most useful to prevent either future prostate problems which may become life threatening or to relieve existing symptoms. Even doctors advise men over 50 to actually get hand relief or sexual intercourse relief in order to keep the prostate active.  Frequent Erotic Massage with Prostate Stimulation is a prefect prescription for improving your sex drive.  Of course, you can enjoy the benefit of prostate massage at any age after 18.

I have made prostate massage my speciality over the years to help men avoid  what could be serious prostate problems in the future and at the same time keep a healthy prostate and an invigorating sex life.To enhance the effectiveness of the prostate massage I use a special blend of essential aromatherapy oils to eliminate any risk of infection.  I can assure you that apart from keeping you healthy and problem free you will truly enjoy my prostate massage experience.

The prostate gland is stimulated with fingers, using protective gloves, beginning with slow movements to improve circulation and re-energize stagnant energy. Stimulation increases hormones which contribute to the man’s life force, keeping healthy energy and helping to maintain overall good health. 


If this is your first time, let me reassure you that I will always explain what I am doing step by step and will be gentle to help you relax. What you may find is that your first prostate massage is one of the most interesting, enjoyable and unforgettable experiences you will ever have. After a prostate orgasm some of my clients cry and call me master.


Prostate massage therapy is used to drain prostate fluid and discharge inflammatory substances by regularly massaging the prostate. This therapy will relieve the accumulation of prostate secretion, to improve local blood circulation and promote to the absorption and reduction of inflammation.  Prostate massage is often paired with Sport and Pain Relief Aromatherapy treatments. The organic oils used with the aromatherapy provide great pain free stimulation . Prostrate massage of course is a natural element of good heathy massages.


In theory, prostate massage can relieve the obstruction of the glands, allowing normal drainage and help allow antibiotics to penetrate for the most effective treatment. It is recommended to massage the prostate 1-2 times a week to help the drainage of the prostate fluid. After general massage, the patient feels relieved, while local discomfort and swelling will also be relieved. However, if symptoms worsen or fever after massage, massage should be suspended and antibacterial drugs should be added.


Massage therapy:

Prostate massage therapy is a therapy that relieves the stagnation of prostate secretion, improves local blood circulation, and promotes the absorption and resolution of inflammation by regularly massaging the prostate, draining the prostate fluid, and expelling inflammatory substances. The prostate massage method is especially suitable for retention and chronic bacterial prostatitis, where the glands are full, soft, and have more purulent secretions. It is both a diagnostic method and a treatment method.


Specific operation method: 


The patient takes the chest and knee position, the therapist wears rubber gloves with the right index finger, and applies lubricating paraffin oil to gently massage the perianal and then slowly extend into the rectum. After touching the prostate, use the last finger of the index finger to The rectal surface of 

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