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It is certainly a surging uptrend amongst women to look for new ways to enjoy the pleasures of their bodies. After all, what were once seen as taboo sexual subjects, are now mainstream and talked about openly without shame or embarrassment. One of these methods of pleasure that’s on the lips of many a lady, is the technique of female genital massage referred to as a Yoni Massage in London and other parts of the world.


For those of you who have been wondering what a yoni massage actually is, I would like to take some time to delve deep into this mysterious practice and uncover the truth. In doing so, I will share with you exactly how to perform this vaginal massage, either on your partner or yourself. You can also follow my instructions in this yoni massage guide to learn some tips to help you master this orgasmic vagina massage technique for yourself. So let’s get to it…


What Is Yoni Massage Therapy?


In the practice of tantra, a real yoni massage is the ritual of erotic connectivity between a man and a woman or two females focusing on massaging the parts of the vagina known as the yoni area. Yoni is defined as vagina in Sanskrit which can be interpreted as a sacred space or divine portal. Traditionally, a yoni practitioner carefully massages the vulva and vagina whilst the receiver performs breathing exercises. The idea is that both mental and physical tensions are freed, resulting in being able to take pleasure from the delicate yet enchanting tantric touches of another man or woman. Interestingly, orgasm is not mandatory but can be a welcomed side effect for many women!


Did you know? – I in a recent survey, 60% of straight women said that they would consider a yoni massage performed by another woman and did not consider it a lesbian act?. That means most females going for a Yoni massage see it as a therapeutic holistic therapy rather than a sensual one.

What Are The Benefits of Yoni Massage?


Supports Mental Healing

Many women have reported Yoni Massage supporting the mental healing process. There can be lots of negative emotions attached to our genitalia including shame and sexual trauma issues. Learning how to touch and be touched in your Yoni area can release many of these emotional connections and reprogram them into a positive, pleasurable feeling.


Improves Sexual Relationships

Yoni Massage can help unlock your fear of intimacy and touch if that is what is holding you back. It can be fun and add excitement into your alone time with you partner or even improve trust and connection between you. Learning the pleasures of touch with another is a bonding experience that also supercharges your sexual confidence.


Releases Your Higher Energy

Yoni stimulatory techniques can help to achieve a greater connection with your mind, body and soul. It’s no surprise that Yoni massage is so closely linked to Tantra and the ancient methodology that goes along with it. By searching inside ourselves we can unlock our potential to connect on a much higher spiritual level with others.


Promotes More Intense Orgasms

Many women have reported an increase in the intensity of their orgasms after regular Yoni Massages. This is probably a result of a combination of the above mentioned factors. After all, we are all very aware that it is the mind that allows us to achieve orgasm and the level in which we experience it. 


To further relieve tension and lingering twinges, a favoured approach is to combine pain relief or sports massage with a package of sensual, erotic, tantric or yoni-prostate massage. The relaxation if heightened with a stimulating and overwhelming fun body release. This is very enjoyable.

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