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Dating-Relationship in Hong Kong - Match Girlfriend Experience

Hello my name is Eva, I am a personal therapist, My original from China, I'm 2013 move to Hong Kong from New Yory, I exercise regularly, am 1.65m tall, slim and extremely fit and healthy. I am a fully qualified with more then 6 professional diplomas in various massage techniques, and over 10years experience in all forms of massage techniques. 


Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am sharing my profile because I am ready for new adventures and a new relationship. 


 i am work hard and enjoy relieving the pain of my clients and help them build a better and healthier life. This is an integral part of me and my life, and I need respect for my profession. Please consider visiting my website for further details of what I do professionally.


I am currently building a plan for the next five years and would like to share this with a partner so that we can grow and develop together. Ideally this would be with a mature, emotional and finacially stable man with common goals. 


I have been separated for more than five years. I’m ready to enter a new relationship. I am in no rush, and wish to know my new partner in all matter of ways. I am looking for a lasting relationship with respect and being together. If you are traveling a lot and will be away from me then it may not be the right relationship for me. 

Please.... think about it before you start to contact me, you must be able to honestly express the type of person you are. Just a simple "hi" or "hello" is wonderful, but I may not reply you, because I won’t waste my time.


I am serious in my search, I am independent, positive for life. I am looking for an honest and sensitive man who shares my values, passion for life and my desire to build a serious relationship and to share the good and the sad times together.  


Please respect my values as I have been burnt before and I am not looking for a fantasy world. I'm looking for someone who is sincere  and completely honest about who they are.


Love is a priceless treasure and not easy to find. If you are the man for me, then I don’t mind which country you are living and I can move or you can move to Hong Kong. I hope that we have mutual attraction, can learn and grow together and loyalty is most important, I am passionate and be happy to share my love with a good man. I hope that we can cherish each other. Life is so short, please don’t leave any regrets in our lives.


For me I love to enjoy company  and cook dinner together or go out every once in a while. I enjoy having a glass or two of some good wine. I do not smoke and do not do drugs and will not be with anyone who does. 


I love cleanliness and cannot tolerate bad breath.... I like to exercise and walk to the park or shopping and to relax at home learning new things, and to tell the truth. I also like warm climates and would love to have a garden to grow organic fruits and vegetables or beautiful flowers.

If you like what I have said here, let’s try it out and see what happens next. Perhaps instead of a first date, we can get to know each other more by booking a session so that you can experience first hand and learn about what I do while I help to relieve you of any potential muscle pain, and stress from working long hours or sports while we chat? Maybe this is not the right place for me to explain, but in the sake of not wasting each other's time, this might be a good opportunity and a great way to know each other. (If there we don't have t chemistry each other,  then definitely you will have a great experience)


Thanks for spending the time to read my profile and I hope we can all be fortunate in meeting someone who is perfect for you.

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