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Karsai Massage Hong Kong,  Genital Massage Near Admiralty, Pacific Place, Central, Mid Levels,  Sheung Wan, Causeway Bay 


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灣仔抓龍筋-Ka Sai Massage

What is Karsai Massage and Genital Massage Hong Kong ?

Karsai is a therapeutic massage which main aim is to improve genital health. Karsai aims to provide a healing massage of the entire genital system, by clearing blockages in the Iymphatic system, testicles, scrotum, penis and so on.


Karsai massage aims to improve genital health by clearing ducts, removing blockages and freeing up the flow of energy both in the genital area and in the belly (internal organs) area, which is tightly connected to the genitals.


If you experience certain issues with your sexual health, Karsai-genital massage could be just what you need. Common issues with men's sexual health that may be relieved with Karsai-genital massage:


weak or lack of erection, not waking up with an erection in the morning (the so-called 'morning glory') or any other kind of erectile disfunction;

premature ejaculation or the opposite: having trouble to come;

painful ducts, tubes or testicles;

lack of libido;

any other sexual issues.

Karsai is an ancient form of genital massage practised, holistic approach that does not use Western medicine: whose may lead you to use viagra, injections or have surgery, for example. Besides fixing issues, Karsai-Genital Massage can also be seen as a method to maintain your sexual health and prevent disease or issues to happen. Consider it like regular maintenance: like you wouldn't want to drive your motorcyle in the wild for thousands of miles until something breaks down, when you can oil the parts once in a while and do proper maintenance along the road.


many people have reported after taking Karsai massage are: better erection, feeling energized not just in the testicles and scrotum but also in general all over the body, better sexual performance, less pain, etc.


Karsai Massage and Genital Massage

During and right after Karsai massage, it is not recommended to ejaculate. Karsai massage is a therapeutical treatment, and ejaculation might lessen some of the beneficial energetic effects of the massage, after clearing blockages in your muscles, you're not supposed to go to the gym and have a heavy work out, rather you should drink a lot of water and take it easy for a moment or perhaps let your muscles relax with a mild swim.


However, it's perfectly understandable if you cannot control your ejaculation urge during the treatment, as it can be very pleasurable to surrender your genitals in the hands of a professional therapist. Mind you, some parts of the treatment can also be somewhat painful, especially if you have blockages that need to be removed. But the therapist normally alternates perhaps somewhat painful moments with some more soothing strokes, to keep the genital system relaxed.


However, if your main purpose is only to have a sensual oil massage that includes your genitals, rather than sexual health, you better pick one of the happy ending massages listed here.

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