Sports Massage is a form of Massage therapy with a sports specific focus.  It is not just for professional athletes but actually for anyone who regularly plays a sport or keeps fit at gym for example using specific muscles frequently. This can also help for people involve in long days in front of the computer or even for more physical endeavors. Sports Massage is one aspect of Sports Medicine and has with the aim towards recovery while improving performance & preventing future injuries.  Whenever we play specific sports we tend to repeat the same movements time and time again using the same muscles. This can lead to fatigue, tightening of the muscles, changes in strength and even patterns of compensation developing. These changes can impact an athlete’s performance preventing the athlete from reaching peak performance. Sports Massage’s goal is clearly to help an athlete perform as near to their peak as possible.


To make the most of a Sports Massage, follow these basic guidelines: 

Find a Massage Therapist who is familiar with sports massage.  It is the 'golden rule' for an athlete as you will be doing everything within your power to reach your personal best. If the therapist doesn’t know your sport or anatomy you could be setting yourself up for an injury. Next, visit with one (or two if you have to) Sports Massage therapists near you so they become very familiar with your body. This will help you get the most out of your on-going care from your Sports Massage treatments and the therapist can alert you to any changes they may find. 


Sports Massage Therapy consists of two categories the pre-event massage and the post-event massage.  


Pre-event massage is that which is performed right before the athletic event and is meant to stimulate the blood, nerves, and muscles getting them ready for action.  It's usually stimulating, fast-paced, and no longer than 15 minutes at maximum. This therapy is done in addition to the physical warm-up and not as a replacement. 

Post-event sports massage is a type of massage which occurs within 12 hours after the Sports event.  The focus here is on helping the athlete to recover from their competition.  Unlike Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage therapy, Sports Massage focuses specifically on the muscles which worked the hardest most recently.  This specificity will get the athlete ready for the next time they need to perform in the shortest time possible.

Sports Massage Therapy does not usually focus on an athlete who is injured and already on the road to recovery.  In this case, the athlete will need other types of massage, either Medical massage (aka Orthopedic Massage), Deep Tissue Massage or in some cases Swedish Massage. Sports Massage can be optimized using natural Aromatherapy oils and treatment to provide a balance and relaxing but targeted recovery plan. 

Prices for High-Qulity Aromatherapy Massage with Sports Pain Relief  Professional Skills is very reasonable.

   A.   Sports-Thai-Swedish-Deep Tissue Packages

         +Sports Pain Relief+Periarthritis Shoulder.

          Cervical+Sciatica+Lumbarmuscle strain.

          60 mins HK800, 90 mins HK1200, 

          2Hours HK1600​ 


    B.   Tantric-Sensual Relaxing Massage Packages 

          +Sports Pain Relief+Lingham+Body to Body

          60 mins HK1200, 90 mins HK1600, 

          2 Hours HK2000​ 


    C.   Soul Erotic Massage or Prostate or Nuru

          +Sports Pain Relief+Tantric+Sensual

          Body to Body+Nuru+Prostate+Beads+Dildo

          60 mins 1600. 90 mins HK2000. 

          2 hours HK3000.


​   D.   BJ-Rimming or Role play Fetish Desires

         +Sports Pain Relief+Tantric+Sensual

         +Body to Body+Nuru+Prostate+Beads+Dildo

          60 mins 2000. 90 mins HK3000. 

          2 hours HK4000. More Details  >>>

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Sports Massage Pain Relief Packages is excellent, my magic hands will take away all your stress.

60 minutes is a great start, however, if you have various sports-related pain Neck, Shoulders, Back (such as peri arthritis of the shoulder, Cervical, Sciatica, or Various neuralgias). then I suggest you schedule 90 minutes or 120 minutes for a fantastic experience. Longer appointments are available if my schedule allows.​