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Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, it causes weight gain and is particularly prone to fatigue, back pain, foot pain and other discomforts. Some expectant mothers think that a relaxing massage will be better, but some people say that pregnant women are not suitable for receiving massages, which may cause the risk of miscarriage. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there is no objection to massage during pregnancy, but it is recommended to take a cautious attitude and invite professional pregnant woman massage training and qualified technicians. Before massaging, please let the masseur know that you are pregnant and avoid the following 6 points, because these points can induce labor and contraction, so please be careful You cannot touch these six massage points during pregnancy 1. Hegu Point: The thumb and index finger are pinched together to find the most prominent part of the muscle, which is the location of the acupuncture point 2. Jianjing Point: the midpoint of the connection between Dazhui and Acromion ※ Because the shoulder point is located above the shoulders, please be careful not to press it. Pregnant women should also avoid carrying heavy backpacks to avoid irritating the shoulder strap 3. Sanyinjiao Point: the upper part of the calf, the highest point of the toe bone is 3 inches upward (the width of your hand is about 4 fingers) 4. Zhiyin Point: the outer side of the end of the little finger of the foot, about 2 mm away from the root angle of the nail 5. Taichung Point: Located at the back of the foot, about the back depression of the gap between the big toe and the second toe 6. Duyin Point: Located on the sole of the foot, the midpoint of the slender interphalangeal joint on the plantar side of the second toe

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