There are many other practices within Role play and Dark Tantra. These are just an introduction to this exciting and erotic world, if you are not sure what you would like then you can talk to me (once you are here, please do not on the phone or message to waste our time) about your desires and depending on my mood I will suggest some truly amazing experiences beyond your wildest imagination..You will be pleasantly surprised.

Are you stressed out? Then try something new. If role plan or fetish play excites you then this could be the soul erotic massage package for you. Perhaps add a Sports Muscle Pain Relief.


Sports Massage

Sensual Massage

Tantric Massage

Body to Body Massage

Nuru Massage

Prostate Massage-Orgasm's

Soul Erotic Massage





Humiliation, sissification, bondage and forced femdom.

Come On Body

Foot fetish


Fisting -Dildo-Strap on-Pegged

Sex toys




Body worship

Tie and tease

Lap dancing


Golden Showers-urinating

Animal roleplay

Sexual roleplay and more...

If you have never tried it, here’s your chance to experiment. I think that trying something different can bring enhanced sexual pleasures, simply because it is exciting and new. By the physical experience of sensual stimulus, it can take you to different places that have not been tapped! Please know  I do not do anything that does not agree with your natural instincts. Prostate Orgasm is often favored in role play or dark mild domination massages, for fun and extra spice! Role play releases parts of our hidden creative sides which lie often hidden or dormant. It can help release tension and at same time give you great pleasure.

Act out your Role play fantasies or indulge your Foot Fetish desires in a exciting and playful environment.

Dark Tantra is a modern new creation the is a fun way to explore your fantasies. It still includes your favorite sensual touches but with some added spice!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be seduced by your school teacher, headmistress, maid, doctor, nurse or secretary wearing high heels or a pretty dress ,whatever makes you excited .

Take a scene out of any movie or your imagination such as you may want to experience. I will act out the part or any other fantasy you have in mind, so long as it adheres to our liking too!

​Perhaps you want to take on the role of a submissive and be controlled with mild domination from your masseuse. This can be in the form of verbal or physical domination and we can dress up, as a nurse, in lingerie and high heels, a doctor, a secretary, or whatever. Let’s get out of the ordinary world and take you to another setting, to a new level of eroticism! Restraints can also be used for a little extra ‘Tie and Tease’ fun but only at your request. These are mild restraints, for entertainment, and sensual stimulation only. We can do some fun mild restraining, while I massage and tease you all over, I will sensualize your whole body! Perhaps you have been very naughty and are in need of a playful spanking.​​dont worry i will not hurt you. without your agreement .

​FOOT FETISH - My feet are beautifully manicured, sometimes with pink or red varnish depending on my mood. I wash and shower and pay special attention to my feet to ensure they are very clean. I will arrive with strapless heels, so you can adore my legs and feet right down to my delightful toes. You can massage my feet, or bow down and kiss them very gently, but only if you so wish! Does this turn you on? I must say I do enjoy and get a lot of sensual feelings from my feet been touched and pampered! So if you want to play 'footsie,' please let me know!


SPANKING for fun?! Have you ever been spanked for fun and pleasure? We do it in a playful way so it can be incorporated through any of our fantasy role play, or just a little bit towards the end of your massage, just before the finale! Yes of course, remember no need to ask, all our sexy sessions include relief at the end for a "HAPPY ENDING".

ANIMAL PLAY - This is an exciting form of roleplaying. Including costumes and bondage and dominance. The fun is only limited to your imagination. Come and release your inner animal and let your mind be free as we explore your fantasy together.

PLEASE NOTE: This type of Role-Play does not involve anything to damage skin or hurt in any way. It is simply provided as a fun enjoyable pastime to explore your inner hidden self, your repressed dark side, and simply for FUN and PLEASURE.


Pain is troubling and complicated.Below you will find concise information of the different pains that you may experience There are many treatments for pain relief ranging from medication, massage therapies, mind-body techniques, or acupuncture.


For pain healing a great option is to try aromatherapy meridians massage for an extraordinary and absolutely amazing experience. I have many clients make appointments before or after a long journey, after a challenging day at work and often to reduce various sport related pain. After a massage, pain naturally decreases and your sessions will become more relaxed, exciting and productive.


To further relieve tension and lingering twinges, a favoured approach is to combine pain relief or sports massage with a package of sensual, erotic or tantric massage. This is very enjoyable and relaxing.